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Broadband upgraded but still same speed.

I upgraded my broadband package from M350 to M500 on the 26th Jan and still getting the same speed.  I have restarted the hub and also reset the hub which made no difference.

Sub1314 by Joining in
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Resolved! Internet Speed Inconsistent

Hi,I am experiencing a strange issue where my network speed seems to be dependant on load. I have 1GB from Virgin, with the hub in modem mode and Google WiFi and I am experiencing this both wired and wireless.If I am downloading something to my Steam...

Connection Drop Outs

Hi there, Over the past few days/week or so I have had a few drop outs, upon checking my router stats, it seems I've had a few partial service errors, a dip in QAM on upstream channels, etc. I have also noticed that my power levels appear to be sligh...

CJF35 by Joining in
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Always around 644mbps

I pay for a gig but never get anywhere close always get just above the minimum guaranteed. And I think it is being done on purpose to not just me my error pro 6 wired with a gigabyte connection does a speed test every morning at 7.42am why that time ...

J0nesy by Tuning in
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30mbps download when paying for 500mbps

Hi there, I'm getting around 30mbps when I pay for 500mbps. Upload is around 60/70. Not sure what steps to take to test the issue. Happy for any help, even if its just say get on the phone directly with Virgin.Cheers.  

Slow internet speeds

Hi all, I’ve recently upgraded to the hub 5 1GB broadband, and in every room I’m getting 70mbs-80mbs I’ve moved my hub away from the tv unit so it’s in open space but I don’t qualify for the boosters due to their 30mbs guarantee any help on what else...

Lallen41 by Just joined
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Question related to Speed

Today is the 2nd day using virgin media router.Yesterday I separated the 2.4 and 5ghz and as a result I was getting pretty much the top speeds upstairs as wellI’ve noticed the speeds have gone to around 200-250. Is the due to trafficking in the netwo...

Wi-Fi speed on 1GB

What speeds are people getting on their Wi-Fi with the 1GB package? I am struggling to get over 80mbps on both my fire stick and iPhone 14, I have 2 Wi-Fi pods both located around 3 metres apart with the hub just above them, I struggle to crack 100mb...

Connect app-Hub not found

 Unable to access the hub through the app constantly saying hub not found starting to annoy me now as I have WiFi black spots and I’m trying to improve connectivity all throughout the house I have 3 white WiFi pods already but want to try better plac...