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Resolved! Gig1 wifi speeds not as expected

I’m struggling with speeds on my Amazon Firestick. A speed test via VM connect on my mobile behind the TV where the Firestick is gives a result of around 600. But a speed test run via the Firestick barely gets 30. I can also plug an Ethernet direct i...

Jtr2 by Joining in
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Intermittent WiFi after essential work

Hello! after 6 years with Virgin I am considering moving to another provided.At the beginning of the month I received this message from virgin announcing essential work at the beginning of Feb, after that I am having a lot of issues with my connectio...

2263994a-428f-4046-94c9-10358bc5fd86.jpeg IMG_1549.png
RitaC90 by Joining in
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Internet SLOW

Hi All,There's been some recent roadworks (not VM) and since then my internet is Slow with Low Width Broadband when using Zoom. Now VM have indicated under Status works in my area for next Tuesday. Is this why I am suddenly having these issues?Advice...

250 should be 350 help

Hi all, so I recently signed up to virgin via local rep as its new to the area , he said having an 02(the company)number  upgrades the Internet from m250 to m350 but my package is 250 and I've not seen anything higher than that current moment running...

SuperHub 5 take ages to detect Ethernet being used.

Hi i just got a SuperHub 5 about a week ago and so far it's somehow even worse than the last. I've had every version of the SuperHub and i can't get my head around how they get significantly less "Super" every time. So my issue is when i boot up my P...

Gig1 Connection stability issues

Looks like my connection is being a bit glitchy at the moment (sometimes dropped packets). Restarted my modem yesterday which vaguely helped, but still seeing frequent T2 and T3 timeouts. In addition to this, I currently have a 6db attenuator, and wh...

Speed Not Changed

I renewed my VM contract on 2nd Feb and took the 1Gig upgrade, my download speed has not changed at all. I was on 600Mbps previously and I am still getting the same download speeds of around 300Mbps. Does this take a while to change or am I being fob...

mark1ee by Up to speed
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Signal Strength Pod

Hello, I have recently received a pod for signal strength enhancer. I have followed all the instruction(s) on how to install; besides, I have plugged in the pod in different locations in my house, from a metre from the Hub 3 router to as far away fro...

becon12 by Tuning in
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Resolved! 2gb facts ???

1 router super hub 5 ?2. ethernet in pc 100/1000 1gb card or need the 100/1000/10000 card . 10 gb card 3. when it comes looking and cant work out 1gb to 2gb in package goes up £30 a month but £6 extra confused ... thanksnote not on my postcode yet .....

jasonu by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Intermittent signal in my area causing very high latency

Hi.I've recently had a Virgin Media engineer over. He replaced my coaxial cables, isolator, downstairs connections and said that my downstream levels were back to normal again. All was excellent for about 3 days, and now things seem to have gone back...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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