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Hub 3 Red Light

Hi, My Hub 3 has a permanent red light on it. It says on the help screen that its overheating, but it's not hot and have tried turning off and resetting also. Still has a red light. Any suggestions to fix this?Thanks

Engineer not turned up.

I ordered my home start setup kit approximately one month ago which arrived today. I was skeptical about the cables coming from the box outside as they appeared damaged and extremely old, upon plugging the cable into the router it refused to connect....

Jonkeen by Joining in
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Need to get wall socket moved please

Hi,Having building work done and need to relocate my virgin wall socket a short distance please.Tried calling but the automated system gives no option to cover this from what I have found (really frustrating).Can someone from the team get in touch pl...

Hub 5 Plugged In - No Lights

Hi allI have a Super Hub 3 (white) at the moment. I recently upgraded by bandwidth and a hub 5 arrived today.I followed the install instructions but they all seem to suggest that when I plug it in I will get a white flashing light.I have a green ligh...

pn247 by Joining in
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Internal Virgin Media Wall Box problem

Hi there , we were using talk talk broadband and we were OK with it, but one day someone frome the virgin media team came to us and He told us that virgin media is better than talktalk and he made a speed check and told us that Virgin is faster than ...

Sashamo by Joining in
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Resolved! Virgin Unavailable

Hey,Was just after some clarification if possible, the rep i spoke to on the phone didn't seem to know.My broadband contract is ending shortly so was looking at Virgin as they seem to be the only FTTP provider in Leicester right now. Being in a flat ...

Flymi by Tuning in
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