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Blocked Driveway!

Last Wednesday roadworks were carried out on my road and pavements were also dug up to install Virgin fibre in the area. Some work was done on the day, but since then, nobody has been back and there are holes and barriers including across my driveway...

Ashlea1 by Just joined
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I signed up for virgin on the 25/03/24 I was supposed to go live on the 04/04/24 it then got pushed back to the 10/04/24 skip to today 01/05/24 and I still don't have broadband. Called to speak to someone higher to be told I would receive a phone cal...

Moving the virgin internet cable

Hi, new here so please excuse if this has already been on. I was wondering if it is possible to have an extension outside the house to come in at a different place in the same room so I don’t have wires everywhere in the house. If so, can I revert ba...

Hub 5 Router Status

Guess who has just upgraded from Hub 3  Anyway, I want WiFi 6 so opted for Hub 5. I had a 3 dB attenuator on the hub 3 so my motto is, "do not touch what you do not understand or isn't broken", so i just transferred it across But maybe i could get a ...

PMac1 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Virgin Broadband via OFNL network

Hi,I live on a new build estate serviced by OFNL. Virgin have announced a partnership with OFNL. Virgin has recently come to my village. Parts of the new build estate are showing available on the virgin broadband checker. Including the house next doo...

DrFishy by Tuning in
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Router Moving

I'm not getting the WiFi I paid for with the router in the downstairs area as my computer is upstairs. Is it possible to get it moved upstairs to the back bedroom and have the cable come from the outside instead of going through the floor

KelseaJ by Joining in
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