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Resolved! Brown Box Cover Missing

Recently moved into a new property and noticed that the brown box cover that holds the Virgin landline/internet cable from the outside of the building through the brick into our router, is completely missing.Was wondering how I would go about getting...

fuman by Tuning in
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Account number

I received a welcome email with all of my contracts regarding my order for broadband, but the space for my account number was left blank. My broadband should have been delivered a week ago, and when I tried to inquiry about its delay, I had to enter ...

How to connect to fibre optic wifi ?

Can anyone help ?During recent renovations the electric socket and jack for FO connection were removed. The remains of the cable was found coming in from main external cable.  Is there anyway I can connect to fibre optic without a hub, directly from ...

Irogoff by Joining in
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Resolved! Recycle or Return

Although this question has appeared before the answers vary and I need definitive advice. 5 months ago I was upgraded from Hub 3 to 5. The advice was to recycle the old hub. There was no label in the box but searches revealed that I could recycle via...

Resolved! Redirect delivery

I've had to reschedule my delivery a few times now as things have cropped up which has put a delay on getting the house keys to my new property. I've no idea when I'll be moving in now and can't get through to virgin media to help me. I'd like my B/B...

Moved install date !!!

Hello everyone… I thought joining Virgin media would be a plain simple process and has now turned out to be my worse nightmare.i phoned numerous times all week, the fibre is installed outside my house ready for the engineer to come in was ment to hav...