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Resolved! Setup with ntl box with no socket

Having some trouble working out the setup here. I was told a previous owner had virgin media, so now just trying to set up. I have a ntl box on the wall with two black cables coming out. There is no socket or place to plug anything into the ntl box. ...

Screenshot_20221020-200700.jpg Screenshot_20221020-200902.jpg
RossCo2 by Joining in
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No wall plug for separator cable

 Received my Hub 4 today for new home.there’s no socket anywhere to plug in the separator cable - only an existing lead from the previous owner (Now Broadband) which originates from somewhere inaccessible outside.had to remove some sort of adaptor bu...

Hub4 installation; solid red light

I received my hub4 and tv box today. I have installed the hub4 correctly and the cables are firmly in, however I have no connection and there is a solid red light. I rang vm who said they will activate it and in 15-30 mins I should expect it to flash...

Gabmary by Joining in
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Connect app issue

We had a major outage in our city for the last few days.. Finally came back on last night.Now the Connect app isn't working.I have tried unistalling and reinstalling the appResetting the hub 3Rebooting the hub 3Leaving the ssid and password as defaul...

Disconnections and bad internet returns

HelloI've had Virgin Media for very soon to be a year, and now suddenly the past weeks there has been some major issues with disconnections to the internet and the router strangely acting up. I had very similar problems when I first got my Virgin Box...

MarkusO by Tuning in
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Resolved! Solid Red Light on Wifi Hub 4

My wifi has been down for two days already.......I'm using a Hub 4(the inverted trapezoidal one) and there is a solid red light after the flashing of white light whenever I reboot it.I have done the research and it seems like a connection problem acc...

j1623522 by Joining in
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No box

Hi all, I'm having my quick start kit delivered on Saturday but I'm noticing that I don't have a virgin media connection anywhere and the brown box in the front of my property is all mangled up, cables look damaged and corroded what can I do?

Fogarasy by Joining in
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Moving home

I'm moving home and would like to take my account with me. However, it looks like VM don't service the area I'm moving to. I'm in contract, will I be charged an exit fee even though VM can't provide my service