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Yodel lost the

Hi,I changed my delivery address for the self install package but it has not been delivered to the new address. Yodel's delivery status showed that the package was at the local depot, so I took the initiative to come to the depot. When I got there Yo...

Arvi by Joining in
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Moving Hub

Hello,i would like to arrange for my hub to be moved as it has been installed in an upstairs bedroom and is giving poor coverage around the house. Could a member of the virgin media team PM to set an appointment? I am not having any luck when calling...

Sei108 by Joining in
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Intermittent loss of connection

I'm experiencing an unreliable connection (Hub 4 in Router Mode) with regular disconnects (at least one per day, and where rebooting doesn't seem to get me back online).  I have been monitoring the connection using ThinkBroadband and also have notice...

stu55y by Joining in
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Shorten my broadband cable

Hi there, can I please book an engineer to come and shorten my broadband cable? It's far too long since I moved the router. I've seen this answered on some other threads – that you can book an engineer for £25. Can someone let me know how to book thi...

tg86 by Joining in
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Engineer , box burning

Hello, We recently started a contract and we had self install kit. After setting it up, we don’t think we have the correct wall socket as the Wi-Fi doesn’t work and the wifi box gets very hot and smells like burning plastic. We need to book an engine...

86002 Trying to charge for reply

Received a text saying I need to reply to the text to confirm I will be in for a engineer visit on Friday, when I try to reply in being told it is going to charge me to send the message. I arranged this appointment so I don't see why I need to pay to...

Hub 3 red light

I’ve just updated my hub to 3.0 and while I have internet access via Ethernet and Wi-Fi on the new hub, the main hub light is red and the connect app constantly says it can’t find the hub.Any help would be much appreciated

Resolved! External Hard Drive

New to Virgin Media, previously broadband user via BT phone line connection.I have plugged my existing external hard drive that I was successfully using with my old set up into one of the Ethernet ports on the new VM box. The only device I see on the...