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Red Light

Hi all, I've got a solid red light on my router. I've rebooted and reset using the pinhole on the back but the light is still red. Is there anything else I can try? 

HK_1026 by Joining in
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HiI just joined the broadband service on Dec 2022.During the broadband installation, the engineer told me that no line at my house.He was very helpful and asked to use the line from my neighbors as temporary solution and let me use the internet servi...

Resolved! Connection query

HelloSigned up for virgin and discussed with sales the location of the conduit cap in the pavement and where the box will go on the wall of the house and outlined it would need to go across my lawn.I will be honest and say I've heard some horror stor...

Sean1TQ by Tuning in
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Red light on hub 3

Hi, I have a solid red light on the front of my hub 3. I understand from other community posts that this means overheat? Has been on a week or so, have tried unplugging it for a while but is still on. Seems to be working ok otherwise. Do I need a rep...

Steveed by Joining in
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QuickStart/Wall plug

Hi,I recently get my VM QuickStart kit, but it seems my wall plug is not working properly.Wall plug also looks different - it is an "openreach" and it has different socket so I bought adapter to plug a hub, but still there is a problem.Can I have a e...

FTTP coax plug

Hello i need a new FTTP coax plug, mine has blown when the power came back on after a power cut. Virgin want me to wait 4 days for an engineer. Can i get them from anywhere?

Resolved! Removing Excess Wiring Into Router

We are decorating a room and finally got to see the cable mess that connects to the router.The black incoming cable connects to the white cable with a Technetix outlet, which then connects to an Amplifier splitter box, which then splits into two cabl...

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ssc64 by Tuning in
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Neighbour cut cable to our house

Hi there, Looking for advice as the landlord next door decided to cut the fibre cable to our house because "it was hanging loose in front of his door"...Wondering what kind of recourse I can have about this and if a technician can be sent urgently (n...

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