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Go Gig?

So, to be honest, Ive just cancelled my contract with VM, mostly because of pricing. It was easy, simple and refreshingly straight-forward, which Im glad of. What my post here is about is speed. Go Gig or go home, for example. I had M50, which ran a ...

fugami1 by Joining in
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Package not delivered

Hello,I ordered a package that that was meant to be delivered on 26/09/2023 but it still hasn’t arrived, leaving us with no internet. I attempted to contact customer service however I couldn’t because I do not have an account number. Please assist.Re...

MKVM22 by Joining in
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Unreasonable workmen

There is work commmencing on the Lower Luton Road AL4 region this is a VERY busy road especially at 3:45 after school run the John Harry/Barry workmen cordoned off the pavement, expecting us to cross an incredibly busy road with the van parked at suc...

Caw246 by Joining in
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new contract

Hi I order new contrac I moved in here last week but delivery didnt turn up CH2050280241, people who lived here are on 30 days cancellation period, Im just confused what to do wait for that 30 days pass and go online and order new contrac again or wh...

blacha63 by Joining in
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Move the router to another room

Good morning, I hope someone can help as I can’t find a way to proceed. Due to some changes in my property I will need to have the router moved to another room. I’ve read that it is possible to do it paying a £25 fee, what is the best way to book the...

daniicol by Joining in
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Red light router 3

Hi I have a constant red light on my router 3. I've unplugged and restarted many times, but always return to a steady red light. I've worried because the posts all say there is a risk of overheating, and also because I'm online all day for profession...