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UNDERSTANDING KEY ASPECTS OF WiFi WiFi is a somewhat notorious, though essential commodity. In many cases, when its behaviour does not meet the user’s perception of the claims made by the ISP (e.g. Virgin Media), the blame is quickly heaped on the IS...

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Sephiroth by Alessandro Volta
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Getting a better Wireless Network Signal

Seeing so many posts about Good, Bad & ugly Wifi, I thought I would post some suggestions for people out there.   There are definitely good, midrange & poor routers with quite variable performance wifi.  Never expect a mass market product to be the b...

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Resolved! Replace broken ONU PSU

Builder has just broken my Yingjiao plug.  It seems to be called an ONU PSU. The white 3 pin plug with a green light and the coax cable screws into it.  I now have no virgin fibre or tv.  How can I quickly get a new one?thnx

Hub 4 & Red Light.

I have same problem since we got the hub 3,everyday on two computers one laptop and two tablets connection is lost for a few seconds. Never done that with old hub which was rubbish anyway.At least it did not lose connection so often. Hub 3 looks bett...

The worst broadband I've ever had

I've honestly never been on the phone so many times with a broadband company. Heard so many good things but I'm yet to see them. Speeds are slow or stop completely. They don't tell you or at least me you have to pay two months of your internet first ...

Carrie95 by Tuning in
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Hub 3. WiFi keeps auto re-enabling every 10 mins

I have a TP-Link Deco mesh WiFi system at home so I have disabled the WiFi on my Hub3, however recently I noticed I kept getting performance issues on my mesh network.  I logged back into my hub3 to find the WiFi had been switched back on, which I as...

cd67232382 by On our wavelength
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New Hub 5 no internet connection

I received a Hub 5 replacement for a Hub 3 on Thursday as I’ve upgraded to 1GB.  I work from home so waited until yesterday evening to try and connect it.  Followed quick install instructions but it will not connect to internet.  I have text messages...

tigernin by Joining in
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Broadband down for 4 days

My broadband has been down for 3 days in Halifax. W Yorks.Just had another repeat nonsense text message and service status which I have had multiple times since Saturday telling me they know the problem and an engineer is working on it and it will be...