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UNDERSTANDING KEY ASPECTS OF WiFi WiFi is a somewhat notorious, though essential commodity. In many cases, when its behaviour does not meet the user’s perception of the claims made by the ISP (e.g. Virgin Media), the blame is quickly heaped on the IS...

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Sephiroth by Alessandro Volta
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Getting a better Wireless Network Signal

Seeing so many posts about Good, Bad & ugly Wifi, I thought I would post some suggestions for people out there.   There are definitely good, midrange & poor routers with quite variable performance wifi.  Never expect a mass market product to be the b...

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Resolved! Setting up Mesh advice please

HiStruggling with Wi-Fi dead spots around the house.  Its a 50s built dormer bungalow that's been extended.  I'm mentioning this as it has at least 3 ring circuits that rule out using any form of powerline adapter (I've tried them).  I have wired con...

TonyM19 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Plastic cable cover broken

The plastic/rubber cable cover for the broadband/phone cable is broken on the pavement just outside my property, meaning the cable is exposed to potential damage. Is it possible for a replacement cover to be sent to my property please? I'm happy to f...

DMcAdams by Joining in
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Daily random dropouts

This seems like deja vu all over again.  I thought we had this licked but it's back.We had a power situation in the area that seemed to kill our Hub 4.  I eventually got a replacement, but since then it drops a couple of times a day for long enough t...

minispiney by On our wavelength
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Re: How do I order the Wi-Fi pods?

Hi there,I am trying to order a Wi-Fi pod as well as I am a Volt customer (upgraded to Gigabit) with a Hub 5 Router, and there is a room in my house that gets at most 4 mbps or sometimes no connection at all. I tried running a diagnostic through the ...

Hub 5 Port Forwarding

Hi All, I think the new Hub has a software bug and cant find anywhere to log it! When I try and add a port I get an error to try later and this is pretty constant no matter what port or IP I try and forward.I also get an error when i try and review t...

HewitG by Joining in
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Red light on hub 3

Hi, had a red light on my hub 3 for a few weeks, done everything on the troubleshoot step by step nothings worked, also contacted Virgin Media who never really sort anything and I'm still having problems connecting to my Internet.

Cloudflare Hub3 and Unraid

Hello,I am new here. Been trying to setup Cloudflare to access my Unraid server but experiencing difficulties. After searching I discover I need to operate my Hub in modem mode and add a router to my home network. I need suggestions for suitable rout...

WiFi pod request

Hi,  I’ve just run a broadband test on each room and four of my rooms have very poor WiFi. Can a virgin member order the pods for me or do I need to call to request these ?

Jenny049 by Joining in
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Resolved! Would Modem mode on Hub 5 fix this?

Information:Our house has two floors, made of thick walls, and has 4 rooms upstairs, (1 bedroom being added downstairs)The living room (downstairs) is equipped with Virgin Media's Hub 5 router offering Wi-Fi 6 technology (package of 1200 Mpbs or 1.2 ...

Re: Ordering WiFi Pods

I have same issue, updated package because of terrible WiFi coverage, and can't get WiFi pods....The connect app says I have 25 mbps at best in kitchen, bedroom and my office. Then says everything is great and big green thumbs up, but we are guarante...

Alibabe by Tuning in
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