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UNDERSTANDING KEY ASPECTS OF WiFi WiFi is a somewhat notorious, though essential commodity. In many cases, when its behaviour does not meet the user’s perception of the claims made by the ISP (e.g. Virgin Media), the blame is quickly heaped on the IS...

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Sephiroth by Alessandro Volta
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Getting a better Wireless Network Signal

Seeing so many posts about Good, Bad & ugly Wifi, I thought I would post some suggestions for people out there.   There are definitely good, midrange & poor routers with quite variable performance wifi.  Never expect a mass market product to be the b...

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Wifi calling not working

Hi I recently moved to Virgin Broadband, since then wifi calling stopped working for two of my phones (iphone11 and Samsung note10) in house. Tried to reset hub and phone few times. They are ok when outside using other wifi networks. In our area we h...

vm123vm by Joining in
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Resolved! Red light on hub 3

Hi. My Hub 3.0 has stay on the red light for a few months . I've followed the guidance (well ventilated, reset, cool down etc) but it remains on , sometimes it losing connection recently (as I often work from home).I’m sure the Hub is not in modem mo...

joint by Tuning in
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Wi-Fi pods

Won’t connect to my Wi-Fi hub5 try to speak to vm on phone and getting no way 

braysoj1 by On our wavelength
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Mac filtering

I have the new Hub 5 and have set up my wireless network and when I went to set up Mac filtering as I don't want my kids watching TV all night, I click on the radio button beside the device and every time it tells me the device name is not valid.I ha...

WiFi Pod needed.

Hii was advised by a CS person on the phone that I needed a WiFi pod but I didn’t have time to stay on the phone because I was at work so I spoke to someone on their live chat, I believed that they were sending me one out but they instead booked a te...

Order pods?

A few months ago we had an engineer out as we had issues with our downstairs box (I have 2 V6 boxes with 360), he said there was an issue with our wifi extenders, that we didn’t need them anymore, he removed them (although they are still showing on m...

Faerie1 by Dialled in
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Conflicting Settings

My WiFi pod won't connect to the hub 3. The virgin app said I needed to optimise my WiFi which I did and now the app is saying that my WiFi pod has conflicting settings but when I select my SSID it just returns an error and the wifi pod in the app is...