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Netflix Premium Virgin Media

Hi, anyone else get this but then not get a email?”Hi, Virgin Media here. The price of your Netflix Premium plan is changing. Check the email we sent you to learn more about your options.”Any ideas?Thanks 

Change account after separation

If this chat is still open for comment - can you please also send me some information on this?  I am in a similar position and speaking with the agents isn't helping?  I work from home and have a daughter taking GCSE's so cannot be without internet f...

MsJ10 by Just joined
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VAT Invoice

Please can I have VAT charges shown on all of my bills? I tried calling helpdesk but it disconnected me. Why isn't there an option under My Account to get VAT added? There are loads of requests on this forum to do the same (going back years) so it's ...

Been charged more than I agreed to?

Hello all,So I've just gone through my first broadband contract with Virgin who had emailed to inform me that upon month 19 of my contract my direct debit would be around double what I was paying the previous 18 months from £35.90 to £70ish for m500 ...

sukki by Joining in
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Overcharging Vulnerable/Elderly Customers

My Grandparents, like many fixed-income elderly people, struggle to meet their bills. Having been asked to look at their accounts I was SHOCKED to learn that Virgin Media is charging them £116/month for a basic service (broadband, telephone and no-fr...

Ewanjk by Joining in
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Notifying me of my new deal

Daniel, Virgin forum rep, helped me to sort out a screw-up whereby I was offered a £35 discount on my renewal price if I signed up 2 months early.  This came to less than £3 pcm more than the current payment, so I accepted.  Acknowledgement of the ne...

jimbo461 by Tuning in
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Debit relief order

I have a debt relief order and virgin media is on there. They are still chasing me for the debt but they shouldn't. I tried calling to ask for where to send the proof but couldn't get through to anybody. All foreign people who did not understand what...