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I'm having issues with payment, can i please get some help?Tried to call virgin 10x, but their service with the pre-recorded lines are a joke, absolutely no way to talk to a human. Someone please help. 

wrong account AGAIN

I had a very long discussion regarding signing into my virgin media account and then seeing my neighbours account details.  This is happening all over again.I have been locked out of my email account for several days now and the problems seems to be ...

complaint about accident

HelloI would like to be provided with some details and a contact with whom I can discuss my complaint.A virgin media van negligibly caused a crash into my car (left handbrake down and car flying into mine) and I has caused severe damage to my vehicle...

rmas123 by Joining in
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Social Tariff's

Hi, my mum is 81 and receives disability allowance. I have run an eligibility test and she seems eligible for the social tariff. She currently has the basic Mix TV, M125 Fibre broadband, phone with line rental, reminder call, anytime chatter, call di...

aldave by Joining in
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Unwanted Homeworks + Monthly contract reset

Hi,I recently called support because I am not getting a good enough WiFi signal in my house. However, during the call, I was signed up to HomeWorks, which I was not told would add an extra £18 per month onto my bill. I'd like this removed, and to be ...

imagiro by Joining in
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Personal Picks falsely advertised

Virgin Media's store is now extremely out of date when it comes to what each of the Personal Picks includes. It's pretty bad false advertising and I'm sure the ASA might consider it quite misleading.The differences between what the website says and t...

VMViewer by Fibre optic
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Netflix activation error

Hi,apologies if wrong categoryRenewed my contract and it includes netflix, when i click activate from my account it errors (at the redirect to netflix popup, regardless of browser or device used), would it be possible for someone to fix this or send ...

New contract still processing..

Hi so last week I was offered a new end of contract package offer online and went ahead with it, I was sent a pre contract by email with all the details, I wanted to know when this will be complete as it's been processing a while now. Thanks

Davegnr by Joining in
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