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You can't use that password

Hi I'm a new customer and I have been trying to create an account with you for well over a week now and everytime I get to the point of choosing a password it just keeps saying that I can't use this password. I have now tried well over 50 passwords a...

Can't create an account

What is wrong with the Virgin Media website? Whatever I attempt to do, no matter the time or year - the only thing I'm ever met with is ERRORS! It's beyond frustrating. Why is nothing fixed on this awful website? Anyway. I'm trying to create an accou...

fuvmiff by Just joined
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Contract renewal

Good evening, will be out of contract soon so have been looking about as you do, VM member I spoke to on messenger could not offer me a better price instead trying to offer me a package multiple time that I did not want .. just can't work out why you...

Dionne93 by Joining in
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Downgrade Broadband Speed

I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else on this thread. I’m at the end of my contract at the beginning of June. Virgin will not let me downgrade my broadband speed, even though the lower speed is available to new customers in my street....

DR11ML by Joining in
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Whatsapp team - Hub 4 appointment

Hi, are the team dealing with queries over WhatsApp actually Virgin staff?   My dad has been dealing with a Superhub 4 problem and made appointments via WhatsApp for 21st May but no one turned up.    On the 21st he made another appointment for tomorr...

kab1892 by On our wavelength
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Signed up with wrong email

The same issue with me. Recently ordered broadband service and it is supposed to be delivered today.. got the confirmation aswell and order reference, only realised afterwards that i misspelled my email address. So i dont have any way to recieve upda...

digimag2 by Settling in
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Signed up with wrong email

We have recently signed up to get Virgin broadband installed, however when signing up to it I misspelled my email (swapped 2 letters round). Was just wondering if it’s possible to correct this?any help is much appreciated thanks