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Resolved! Landline phone in new house

Hi,I am arranging moving house for somebody and we are looking at the Big Bundle package.Re: landline telephones.  How do this fit into this?  Do they plug into the router?   Does the router speak to them wirelessly?   Do they work down the old BT tw...

sambda1 by Tuning in
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Landline issues

My Landline is not working, called Virgin Media first thing. I was promised an engineers visit within 4 hours as i am classed as a priority customer and i am still waiting. Any one out there had the same problem?

oxydot by Joining in
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03332008067 is this free call

Have just rung Grattan catalogue customer services didnt get through on hold for ten minutes, put the phone down then worried that I might be charged as on the grattan site it says this call may be chargeable dependant on your telephone service. help...

nin10 by On our wavelength
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Landline problem

Hi,No dial tone on my landline, I've tried all the steps in the troubleshooting but with no improvement.Incoming calls ring the phone, but when you pick up there's nobody there.Any suggestions gratefully received.Thanks.

Resolved! Phone Line Failure.

Playback problems using catch up and Apps , so rings customer service 28th July . After over an hour on the phone being passed through 5 people with Anglophile names but clearly based outside the UK , I get to Lisa in Scotland. She arranged for engin...

Landline voicemail not working

I’ve always had voice mail on my landline but I noticed the other day that when someone rings it no longer goes to voicemail if I don’t pick the phone up.

RachelB by Joining in
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home phone not working

My home phone isn't working. All calls out have an engaged tone, all in coming calls go straight to voice mail. Virgin media remote technicians can't fix it, level 2 raised a ticket,  8 days later, still nothing and apparently I have to wait another ...

NWT63 by Joining in
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Resolved! Call from Telephone Preference Service

Hi, yesterday I had a call from [REMOVED] saying they were calling about scam calls I had been receiving on my Virgin Media landline and that they, (TPS), could improve the service, I didn’t have to do anything. The caller was foreign and the line po...

My adapter for the phone line has not turned up, help!

Hi, the adapter for the phone line has not turned up. It did not ship with the new hub supplied ages ago. We have tried many times to get through on the phone line (as per your website), but it is constantly engaged. On top of all that, the same appl...

Ped2 by Joining in
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Help with change to landline fibre network

Received an email that my home landline is being changed to fibre network and that I will need to install an adapter to my hub. However, the hub is in an upstairs room and nowhere near the telephone connection box. I understand I will need an enginee...

paulowen by Joining in
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