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My adapter for the phone line has not turned up, help!

Hi, the adapter for the phone line has not turned up. It did not ship with the new hub supplied ages ago. We have tried many times to get through on the phone line (as per your website), but it is constantly engaged. On top of all that, the same appl...

Ped2 by Joining in
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Help with change to landline fibre network

Received an email that my home landline is being changed to fibre network and that I will need to install an adapter to my hub. However, the hub is in an upstairs room and nowhere near the telephone connection box. I understand I will need an enginee...

paulowen by Joining in
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Home phone

Yesterday I posted about no dialling tone on the house phone,  only to be told virgin had switched it off because it was connected to a wall socket,  I was reassured it would be switched back on, until an engineer could attend,  as my dad has to be c...

Inbound calls to land-line failing

I was just on a call and it got cut-off. The caller tried to ring back but I got no caller ID. I ansered and got a disconnected tone. All attempts to call the landline are ringing but when answered, the tone is just the dial-tone.Called VM twice - fr...

philt by Dialled in
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Phone not working (Telephony disabled in Hub 3)

HiJust bought a home phone and it's not working with the adapter on Hub 3. When I go to the Hub 3 in modem mode or normal mode it shows "Telephony disabled" so I guess this is the issue. The old socket also doesn't work. Please help

ltbobby by Joining in
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No Dialling Tone on Landline

Hi I have no dialling tone on my landline. After being on hold for over forty minutes i eventually spoke to a lady who sounded helpful but was just reading a script, I explained that i was using anon virgin mobile phone and it was costing me as i was...

Phone fibre adapter

I have received a phone fibre adapter and looking at the installation instructions it will not work with the setup I have at the moment. The phone socket is in a remote location to the hub so is not a simple plug in solution as described in the instr...

Barry_P by Tuning in
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Hub Phone Sockets

I'm a retired BT Engineer and I'm waiting for my phone line to be transferred from the Virgin copper network over to the Broadband Router. The adaptor has arrived and I await the changeover next week.One thing I've noticed is this... On the web page ...

Opera Snapshot_2023-08-01_111844_www.virginmedia.com.png
pete6673 by Joining in
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Can't use phone via hub

I've just had to buy a new computer. The old one had a port for a phone, and it worked well. The new PC doesn't have that facility, so I bought an adapter (There wasn't one with the hub) and used it to plug the phone into the hub. I'm not getting a d...

neitshade by On our wavelength
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