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Resolved! Land Line does not work

Why the customer service of Virgin Media does not reply us?we have had loss of telephone since I switched over to telephone via our broadband hub. Since September 2022 nothing done by Virgin Media.

Resolved! New number but constantly getting calls for someone else

Hello all,We've joined Virgin Media about a month ago and inherited a new landline number as part of our package. However, over the last couple of weeks we have started to have a large number of calls for two people who we have never heard of. They w...

New Fibre Phone Adaptor and replacement hub

My service is being switched to fibre phone - in just 2 weeks’ time.  I want to order a replacement hub and the fibre phone adapter, but can't get through to a human on 150 as long call waits - also not obvious what options to select as there is no m...

kburr by Joining in
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I have no dialling tone having plugged in my new handset. I have tried calling for help but the message said none was available. How do I book in a technician to come round?

Home phone on hub

Home phone is not working on hub. Hub is now but wasn't overnight Turned off etc no joy says line unavailable.But states on website says no faults  Andover  area  any outages.  Was working  this week just not last two days.  Next outage 8th March web...

Transfer number to another VM account?

Have cancelled my package with VM after 23 years as my bill was £20pm higher than a new customer and they couldn't match it. I have kept my home phone (19ppm) to keep my landline number.Can I sign up using my partners name for a new package (ridiculo...

Virgin Broadband

Hi,After reporting the landline problem on 25th October 2022, Virgin staff did nothing.  I reported it again in the last days, and after several e-mails, they asked my bank account details for compensation. But they did nothing as usual. Unfortunatel...

Migration to Fibre Phone

I am unable to connect my landline to the Virgin hub.Does that mean my landline service has stopped now?I have checked my bill and I am still paying for it as part of my package.Can't get through on the phone as usual.Anyone?

Landline not working

My landline isn't working in either direction. No dial tone. If I dial the number it goes straight to voicemail. It's a traditional plug in phone.I just tried with another phone, but same result.Does this need an engineer visit?ThanksRichard

rjwb by Tuning in
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