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Resolved! Extending phone to hub

Many of us need to extend the cable from our phone to reach our hub. (The lead from my phone, actually a DECT base station, to my Hub3 is a frustrating 2ft short) The tidiest solution is to run an RJ-11 to RJ-11 lead since most modern phones have an ...

Landline problem not fixed

An engineer came to fix my mums landline yesterday, but the problem hasn't been fixed.  When I try to ring it still says it is temporarily unavailable. My mum is in her 90's and is getting upset about this.  I am going away at the weekend and really ...

porluc by Joining in
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Caller Display Not Working

HiI need some help please!My caller display is not working. My phone goes through my router. I have re-booted this & still no such luck.Can someone help me with this!Thanks Sarah

Sair_32 by Tuning in
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Phone icon flashing red on router

VM switched my line yesterday. Although all phones and broadband are working, is there a particular reason why the phone icon is constantly flashing red?

robjon by On our wavelength
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Sagecom 2GB internet and telephony disabled

Hi everyone, hope you're all well. So I had the 1GB Virgin Broadband with telephone for 1 year and 2 days ago I upgraded to the new 2GB fibre broadband.  Anyways I got a new modem which is a Sagecom. I plugged my landline to the back of the modem and...

Resolved! temporarily unavailable landline

Hi, I'm having issues trying to contact my elderly mum on her landline.  When I call I get a message saying 'unable to connect as it is temporarily unavailable'.  This has only started this week. I've tried three different mobile phones plus a landli...

porluc by Joining in
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No incoming calls

Further to issues during the last two days where I had no landline at all, without my consent VM have now disabled my landline so that I can't receive incoming calls when the phone is plugged into the wall. Apparently I have to wait for an adapter, w...

pip1964 by Joining in
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Resolved! Digital switchover

Have received my phone adapter ready for switchover. Have problems with having an extension also router is upstairs and phone base unit is downstairs. Have tried phoning 150 but there is no option for this problem. With such a big change Virgin shoul...

JTR3 by Joining in
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Hub 3 Telephony disabled

I can't make, and presumably can't receive, phone calls. This was working fine until... sometime recently.Naturally, I can't call VM to tell them.

___ by On our wavelength
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landline rings

Can anyone suggest a way of increasing the number of rings on my landline. I am struggling to reach to phone within 5 rings.. Please suggestVivek 

vp3 by Joining in
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