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Home phone migration - not working

Hello...The engineer came 9:30am on Monday13 November to do the migration on my home phone. When he finished the wiring, which was just the plug in on an extension lead, VM told him it would not migrate until the next day. It is now Wednesday 15 Nove...

Mykat by Tuning in
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Remove 1571 voicemail

Please can someone contact me to remove the 1571 voicemail service on my landline?Many Thanks

adrianrc by Joining in
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Landline has stopped working since cancelling services

Hi all, I cancelled my Virgin Media services on Thursday and was told by the agent that all my services would be disconnected on the 16th December yet my landline has suddenly stopped working but the internet and TV are still working. When I try and ...

Resolved! Cannot phone out

In common with other posters on this forum, I cannot dial out on my landline. All I get is the Virgin Media helpline. Why is this! We are not on the hub system as yet. Not due til next year so why the hassle? We are also up to date with bills. One en...

stilt23 by Joining in
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Resolved! SilentGard

In the bumph that came in with the new landline connector, it showed an address for SilentGard and game a .com address to set call blocking up. there’s just one problem, the silentgard.com address doesn’t work!has anyone had this problem and have you...

macjim by On our wavelength
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Vulnerable customer

My vulnerable father (90, housebound and lives alone)  has been unable to use his phone for at least 36 hours. He was  issued with a priority incident number yesterday with a promise to be contacted within 24 hours. On checking, virgin customer servi...

Apple11 by Joining in
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Landline issue

Hi,I'm posting on behalf of my mum who is disabled. We are both on virgin phones and I just tried to call her and got a message saying "Sorry, the number is incorrect."I tried another number on my phone and the call connected.I had to call my mum on ...

New router linked phone not working

I've switched my phone from the analogue socket the new router using the dingle provider. Reset the router several times. Unplugged phone several times. Tried other phones. And still no land-line tone. Any suggestions? No service now for three weeks....