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Transfer second phone line from BT to VM

Our existing VM phone line has already been converted to VoIP / 21st Century Voice but we also have a BT telephone line which we are considering transferring to VM as a second line.Are there any complications with this? Will the old BT number simply ...

Landline not ringing out

I am having the same problem. Have plugged the phone into the master socket by the front door and disconnected the other handset. I ring the landline from a mobile phone and hear ringing tone on mobile but nothing on landline phone, However, the land...

Gibbon by Joining in
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Resolved! No dial tone; incoming calls show "Number not valid"

I spent 45 minutes on my landline trying to cancel my services and then was put through to the cancellation team. After another 10 minutes or so and being put on hold several times I was put on hold again for the guy to finalise the cancellation, I n...

Resolved! Phone switchover

I have an appointment booked with an engineer this week. My phone is in my lounge at the front of the house and my router is in the dining room at the back of the house as I used to have a desktop computer in there. The fibre wire goes from the front...


Trying to contact VM to discuss this changeover as my Router is upstairs (Cannot be relocated) and my cordless phone/answer machine is down stairs in lounge, need to know how this will work as with disabled parents I cannot have the answer machine up...

Seanbt by Joining in
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Re: No dial tone

Hi Chris...could you please contact me I am having the same problem no dial tone with my parents landline. They are both 85 and have been left feeling vunerable without this lifeline. I am finding it difficult to get anywhere with VM, I reported it o...

Tina31 by Joining in
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Landline no tone cant call Virgin and last straw

Virgin have done it again and this is probably the last straw after 27 yrs (I know but until recently they were the only fibre provider)I use a landline at home (due to poor mobile receipton)Worked fine at midnightNot working nowWent down to check th...

No dialling tone after switchover

No dialling tone after switchover. Was on phone to customer service for an hour after which I was told they could not continue until I obtained a corded phone to plug in. I was advised to buy one. Not acceptable. 

Chrissib by Joining in
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