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Landline down but not showing on service status again

Today 29th October I have been without broadband and landline for most of the day. Finally broadband was up and running again at about 6.30pm but the landline (which is not connected to the modem but to the telephone master socket) is still not worki...

nanajan by Tuning in
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Voicemail not working

I have seen many forum reports on this subject, but the solution is not shown, only that someone has solved the issue.My landline keeps ringing and voicemail does not cut in. If i dial 1571 I get the voicemail menu, but that is no good if it does not...

John127 by Tuning in
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Landline cant dial out, but can receive calls.

For the last few days our home phone has been able to receive calls, but when trying to make them gets a busy message on the handset and engaged beep.the diagnostics all say no issues with tv, broadband and phone.any ideas. thanks

Resolved! Landline fault reported

Our landline is not working. The phone reports a "line fault". This was tested by Virgin and confirmed.  They said an engineer would need to come out.  However I could not book a time slot as my mobile timed out while waiting to do this.  Can I pleas...

BobCee by Joining in
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Which calendar do VM use?

On Saturday 28th October VM sent a text telling me to perform the phone switchover ".. tomorrow, October 30th, after 9am..".It hardly takes a genius to spot the error!Maybe it's all the agents they use located in far-flung countries that have difficu...

Change Engineer Appointment - Landline Switchover

VM have sent me SMS with an engineer appointment for 1 Nov to see up the landline switchover. Not suitable date. Cannot find ways to change appointment. None of the potential links provided work. Called 150 but just went round in circles. Tried onlin...

Mykat by Tuning in
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Resolved! changes to home phone

Dear TeamThanks for this.  I'm puzzled:  I thought our land line was already fibre cable, installed by C&W years ago, then taken over by NTL and in turn now owned and run by Virgin. We've been getting our phone service along with broadband and tv.  C...

fulano by Tuning in
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Fibrephone switchover - check phone line

I have followed the instructions to switch, but have no call tone.  Phone say "check phone line".  I have a Hub 3 and note there is no green phone symbol lit.  I have powered off and on.  I have called Virgin twice - on both occasions when testing th...

PBird16 by Settling in
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My Landline phone has gone dead - out and incoming calls Search at Virgin indicates no issues in  my areaHelp!

johng01 by On our wavelength
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