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Resolved! Digital switchover and the vulnerable

Hi,My elderly and vulnerable parents have just completed the digital switchover. All working fine including the extension phone and community alarm service. My question is, if the power is lost, Wi-Fi goes down, how do I ensure that my parents are ab...

Scam or not?

We've been getting calls from this number, 0800 183 6403. The caller is usually Asian sounding saying they are from Virgin. They ask to speak to the account holder by name. They mention the change over to the fibre network and ask for our address to ...

bob7bob by Tuning in
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American style ring tone since switchover

My parents switched over to the Hub for their landline connection about three weeks ago. All is fine, but there's one weird thing. Whenever I call them, instead of the standard UK "Ring ring, Ring ring, Ring ring" that you hear whilst you wait for th...

bgs264 by Tuning in
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New hub for phone switchover

I called to request a replacement hub for the switch to digital home phone. I was told that this is a plug and play and the hardware will be sent to me.Now I am getting messages saying I have an engineer coming?Why is an engineer coming?

Landline voicemail - reduce ring time

I am looking to reduce the number of rings before my landline goes onto voicemail, is there anyone on the forum that can do this for me, or do I need to call in, thanks.


Cannot get landline to work I've checked line put plug in different sockets still says please check line cord.I need to get in touch with virgin but cannot now because of this issue.  

Bettina by Joining in
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My land line is down.

AGAIN, my landline did not work, no incoming calls.Now upgraded to fibre nothing on my landline, I read that compensation is paid caused by outages and failures,Not a penny refunded in spite of over a year with landline faultI am on the verge of invo...

d_cat by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline not ringing

Since the transfer to Hub on Sept 15 my phone doesn't ring. The dial tone is ok; I can make calls and voicemail works for incoming calls. But there's no ring.

Help please re Fibre changeover

Hi people Quite stressed about this fibre changeover. The communications from Virgin have been far from helpful. My broadband hub i nowhere near my phone and apparently the current wire has to be plugged into the adapter which has to conct to the hub...

Resolved! Virgin media charged me to call them?

Just received bill. I went thru customer retention and the number was dialled on my virgin home phone. I've been charged £10.60 for 52 minutes but surely it's their free phone from the land-line? There was no other option? 

RonnieG by Tuning in
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