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No Engaged tone on home phone

Why can’t Virgin provide an engaged tone after move to voip? Service is not comparable to what it was before on dedicated landline (also loose phone when broadband goes down)  yet they charge the same?why is there a charge for a phone line now it’s o...

bj1878 by Tuning in
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Resolved! phone

Hi AnyoneI have an apparently daft message, saying my landline mailbox is full.As far as  I know, it doesn't have a mailbox.Would someone be kind enough to wise me up and if the message is right, how do I clear the mailbox thing please?.BTW, the sett...

EddyFiss by Tuning in
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Can no longer call my sister's BT landline from my Virgin landline

This week I have been unable to call my sister's BT landline .  I am on Virgin landline, I dial out then nothing happens apart from when I say hello I am hearing my own voice.  It is ringing at her end and she can hear me saying hello, so I end the c...

BMW53 by On our wavelength
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We now have a crackling noise on our line. Have used other hand sets - no difference. Please advise

tonystaf by Joining in
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Resolved! Can I defer the downgrade to digital phone?

Hub is upstairs, phone point is downstairs. Hub is in modem mode.Simple question first: Can I defer the downgrade to digital phone?If not... why not? I would like it deferred to the end of my contract.When an engineer is sent to wire from one awkward...

elfin101 by Dialled in
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No dial tone on landline

No diatonic on landlines in BN33DF. After 40 mins on call to report this issue with VM Tech, got cut off. Problem not resolved. Want billing for landline switched off till landlines available again. Spent most of call scheduling a swith over to voip ...

lezhood by Joining in
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Landline disconnect

My landline keeps cutting off mid call and has done this for about a week , today alone it’s cut off 6 times  over the span of the morning  this is very annoying as I have been on the phone to the hospital and doctors and I can’t hold a conversation ...

Resolved! No Landline Since Cancellation

Hi support,Yesterday, I cancelled my Virgin Media contract with a confirmed service termination date of 16 Dec. However, when I returned home that evening the landline was completely dead. No dial tone, nothing... The internet is still working fine. ...

godrob by Tuning in
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