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Re: Land Line Switch Over

I think I will need to book a technician as my hub is on the 2nd floor and the incoming phone socket on the ground. Tried on the phone waited ages got nowhere. Help please 

hhhb97 by On our wavelength
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2nd telephone port on virgin media router

I have switched over my analogue phone line to digital.  Plugged in my home phone into the router as directed and all working fine.The issue is i need the telephone port on the back of the router working as my alarm needs to be plugged in.I have trie...

Switch off voicemail on my landline

Voicemail on my landline has been switched on and I urgently need it switched off.The help page says you can turn it off by dialling 1571 and following the menu options - but there is no option to switch it off.I dialled 150 and eventually got throug...

ifsollom by Joining in
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No Incoming Calls

In the last few weeks we have started on the fibre optic broadband phone line. The phone has worked well for both incoming and outgoing calls. We bought a new Panasonic KX-TGJ3204E phone – an update of the previous one we had. This worked fine as wel...

SWoods1 by Joining in
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Landline switch to hub not working

Received adapter.Received text saying to switch & re-boot hub.I've plugged the adapter into the Hub & plugged the phone into the adapter. Rebooted the Hub (3.0), Hub status says "Telephony (ready)" but I can't make or receive calls. What do I do now?


new here so hope post is ok hi could anyone else tell me if they have had a problem with there landline ( continually engaged tone )not being able to ring out have been told there working on a fix was first told 24 hours and  today was told another 4...

home landline can't receive calls

My home landline can't receive incoming calls ,I can make a call out and  my broadband is fine .This happened after I called customer service to request them to active my call waiting service what I add on 01/11/23,but they didn't working until I cal...

Leoxue by Joining in
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Home phone not working following switch over

Switch over date was messaged to me and confirmed it had taken place, to this day no phone signal. Can not get through to technical for support, tried over a few days, very poor. I have reset Hub5, plugged in BT phone line into back of router, still ...

Eyelife by Joining in
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USA ringing tone

HiWhen calling my home phone, callers receive a USA ring tone (single long ring tone), rather than the usual double UK Ring-Ring tone.Connected via Hub 3.Please advise. 

dave_dph by Superfast
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BT Handset call blocking no longer working

Since the switch over to digital my BT 8610 call blocking features no longer work for withheld numbers. All other numbers announce as expected.I've tried the first call setting on the call settings and a factory reset however this had made no differe...

am549 by Joining in
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