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Not receiving landline calls from EE mobiles

I can call my landline from my O2 mobile and a Lebara mobile but a friend calling from an EE mobile or Plusnet landline gets number not recognised. I can make outgoing calls ok. My landline phone is connected to the router.

Shards by Joining in
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landline not working

I would like to report a fault on my landline but can not find any numbers to call. can you please tell me how to report this.....ThanksLinda

linjh1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Compatible make model of phones

hi folks, I have Hub 5 with supplied adaptor. Can anyone tell me what make and model number of cordless phones they have working with it? I’ve tried two models of BT advanced phones and neither work. Virgin advise the line has been checked and workin...

Resolved! No incoming calls on landline

Hello, like a few others on here my landline has stopped receiving calls. I first noticed this on Wednesday & the last time it worked ok was Monday.When calling from another landline the caller gets a continual engaged tone & when it's a mobile it's ...

sousie27 by On our wavelength
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Landline issues

Hello,So a few months back we did the switchover & have had the landline setup to the HUB5 (via the VM provided RJ11 adapter) & lately we have seen some strange issues such as:When trying to call some mobile phones the call won't connect after dialin...

Cmd_ by Tuning in
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Phone Charges

Can anybody help I am being charged for ringing my own phone number. I have contacted the resolution team and spoken to customer service but getting nowhere

Complete mess up by Virgin still not resolved

Over the past 7 days we have had no calls on our landline, when anyone calls our number a lady who lives on the same estate answers, when her number is called the line appears to be dead. Clearly a case of someone getting wires mixed up in local exch...

No dialling tone

Hello.My landline has no dialling tone and hasn't had one for a few hours. I've tried two different handsets without success. No area problem phone area problem's been reported although there is TV area problem (ours is working fine).I don't know if ...

LeeVousden by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Home phone not working.

Home phone goes to answerphone when someone rings also we cannot dial out or receive calls for 2 weeks now. still waiting for virgin to reply to email

Resolved! Landline not working.

Landline not working. Message on phone screen says Check Phone Line. No dialing tone. Landline is via the internet. Internet is working ok. Help page says no problems in my area!