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Landline calls dropping out

Recently encountered an issue with both incoming and outgoing calls dropping out after connecting. Was on the phone (mobile) for over an hour this morning being passed between different departments all who said they could fix the issue and refused to...

ACo by Joining in
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Landline has gone down again.

My landline went off yesterday and came back on today for a short period of time and when I checked it at19-00 it had gone off again no dialling tone.Could any one please help.

Mags13 by Joining in
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Landline removal

I've had an email about being switched over to a digital system for the telephones.I'm not that concerned as I've not had a phone plugged into the line for about 2 years now.What I would like to know however is if I can remove the old phone-in box ot...

Home phone switch to fibre

Since October I have been receiving text messages saying I'm going to be switched to fibre in February 2024. I'm given the option to request a callback if I need technical help. Each time I have done this and then I never get called. A month passes a...

Meropes by Tuning in
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Need help

We are waiting for someone to contact us regarding changing the landline phone to a digital system.We both have mobility issues and will be unable to do it ourselves. Plus we will need to have an emergency phone available at all times. Need an engine...

Landline cuts out receiving Mobile calls

My mum is a Virgin customer and when she receives calls on her landline from a mobile, the initial call lasts c.30 seconds, I have to call back and the second call lasts around the same but the 3rd call works fine and we can have a long conversation....

Deekyd by Joining in
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Porting delay in moving landline from BT to VM

Hi I ordered my Volt bundle with you on 11th Nov. Installation was 25 Nov but the engineer said that the request to port our exisiting landline had not been included.  It was requested on the original order.  The engineer made a phone call whilst her...

Liane35 by Tuning in
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No Dial Tone on Landline

I have no dial tone on my Landline phone so I cannot contact Virgin Media on that is there another contact number I can use from a mobie number to report the fault.

Mags13 by Joining in
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Resolved! Ordering a new hub for switchover - how?

How do I order a new hub? Messages tell me I need one for the landline switchover. When calling the given number there's no obvious option. I don't intend being on hold for 20 minutes to the wrong department! Thank you. Simon   [MOD EDIT: Subject tit...