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No 1471 since phone changed to VoIP

Hey could someone look into my account please and turn 1471 service back on? Since changing to VoIP I can no longer check who's phoned. I've seen others with this issue and it turning out that their line switching had meant the service wasn't turned ...

Keiranjf by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Dead landline

I've been told that my home phone will not receive any income calls and hasn't for the past few days, I can make out going calls, I've tried ringing VM no answer, I've tried the WhatsApp helpline but apparently the bot doesn't deal with landlines, ho...

Virgin Phone

Hi, just making a post here as I am after using the live chat service to see if I could order a virgin media home phone as I was offered one when my package was installed (I didn't really need one then so didn't take it but now I would use it frequen...

Switch over need new phone

Virgin came Saturday 2nd Dec.plugged phone into hub.No ring tone on home phone.Informed it would work in 2 hours. Tuseday 5th Dec virgin came again as still no ring tone.Informed have to buy a new phone because HUb does not give out enough power for ...

Winkle by Tuning in
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Resolved! Landline phone not working

Landline phone crackles. After dial tone still crackles. Checked socket, used alternative phones. Virgin help page says no fault. No way to contact virgin for line check.. any ideas? 

Changing Landline

Hi Virgin Media,Had a question regarding a landline number, We are planning on cancelling our virgin media contract, However a close relative of ours is wanting to join virgin media and keep the landline that we have. No since we are on virgin media ...

B_K by Joining in
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Resolved! New Customer - SHould I have my home phone plugged into Hub5?

New to Virgin Media, so far been impressed. I have had my home phone moved over  and received my Start pack with Hub 5 and 360 Box.   Phone is still working connected to old landline but there are two phone connections on the Hub should the phone be ...

Mhyland by Joining in
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Resolved! Technician Visit

Is the technician visit to help with fibre phone free of charge?

GordonO by Joining in
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Recently signed up for a landline. Cannot make outgoing calls

Hi, I recently signed up for virgin landline and have bought the BT2700 handset, one upstairs, one down. I can dial a number however nothing happens after that? No ringing, nothing. Yes, I have ensured that I have plugged the adapter in correctly. I ...

T4nk86 by Joining in
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