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Hi , my mum is having the exact same issue !

Landline Unable To Make Outgoing Calls

Our landline has for 6 weeks been unable to make Outgoing calls. When attempting to make a call there's no dial tone, as soon as you type an outgoing number you hear a Virgin Media recorded message asking to choose an option.Having contacted Virgin M...

RR72 by Joining in
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No Caller ID on BT8500

All incoming calls come up withheld number since swithching the phone to the hub any ideas

JoeH54 by Joining in
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Landline Number Port

Hello,When I joined VM earlier this year, I was told my BT landline number would be automatically ported. As I rarely use the landline it's only just occurred to me why we don't receive any calls on it - the number wasn't ported at all and we have be...

Resolved! Fibre Phone Adaptor

Hello, I’ve received my adaptor to connect to the hub and the other end of my phone. My issue is the hub is upstairs and phone line is in the hallway, the adaptor is tiny.The main cable goes from the street into a box on the outer wall of my house.  ...

DB14 by Joining in
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Telephone adapters

Hi, my adapter has not arrived and my phone is not working. After reading several posts I also have an issue that my hub is upstairs in a room i use for my computer and my phone is in the living room downstairs.  How will i plug in unless i move the ...

jord001 by Tuning in
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Existing phones, compatibility with fibre?

How do I find out if my existing phones will be compatible with the VM fibre network? Also, my hub 4 is situated upstairs and the exiting base unit that supports three more 'wireless' phones around the house is now plugged into the usual wall box dow...

bertj by On our wavelength
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For weeks my landlind has been awful

I hardly ever use my landline to make calls as I use my mobil.But quite a few people through on it and every time I'm told something is wrong with line I could not hear them and same a crackle was in background.I didn't know it was due to virgins lin...

Dexder by Tuning in
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Resolved! No Dialing tone

Hello I have had no phone line service now for approximately 12 Days. An engineer came out Thursday last week to sort out the problem. I was told that the phone line service had been closed because I have requested to end my services with Virgin Medi...

Derek_I by Joining in
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Resolved! Increase in usage charge

My mums phone line has just been updated to Fibre Optic and her usage charge has rocketed from £1.87 to £11.27. VM assured her that there would be no change to her usage charges if she went from “copper” to “fibre optic”. Was she misinformed?

Gazzz by Tuning in
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