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VoIP and Call forwarding

HiAnyone know how I set up call forwarding on my VoIP phone?The help section has via a landlines but not the VoIP system, thanks in advance 

itemised phone bill & phantom calls

background: Been a loyal Virgin Media (VM) customer for many many years : Have a set monthly broadband, TV and landline package of £35. : Landline came as part of the package but we do not have a landline phone in the house or wire connected, can I ...

Phone switchover

Hi I am asking again about what I should do about moving my hub Downstairs to be near my landline I have tried before and haven't had any answers so here I am again Or maybe I should just cancel landline then the problem will not be there?? Thanks 

Darw1n66 by Joining in
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Resolved! IP Phone Switch

I currently have my Virgin Hub 5 set in modem mode. Connected via Ethernet to the Modem is a Synology Router RT2600AC which in turn is "Meshed" to another Synology router to provide coverage throughout the house. The question is, when the phone adapt...

Land line dead

Landline dead tried calling says number not recognised and line busy. LE3 1RQ

switchover issue - Hub and phone different locations

Wanted some answers about the phone Switchover as my hub is upstairs phone downstairs started a conversation with one of the virgin helpers but he must have got bored/ gone to bed as I  haven't heard anything for an hour now oh well    [MOD EDIT: Sub...

Darw1n66 by Joining in
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Potential VMBroadband new Customer

HelloThinking of joining VM Broadband as it has just become available on my road, the door to door sales person cannot answer the following question.Looking at taking the 1Gig offering only, currently Broadband and Home phone landline is with Plusnet...

schphase by Tuning in
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Landline switch over Warrington

As a new years resolution I decided to attempt to contact you again, I did the survey tool back in early December after getting the email.  Apparently I need a technician as we have several phone extensions and our hub (old with no extra phone socket...

Mitch425 by Joining in
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Phone switched from analogue to digital

Because of problems with my phone it was switched to digital. However this means plugging my master phone into the router. The router is in a guest bedroom which is not used continually.  I also do not want a phone and answer machine in that room. Is...