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Resolved! My Mums phone line been disconnected - Help please?

HiPlease can someone from Virgin Media help me that isn't based in a call centre abroad?The issue is my mums phone line appears to have been disconnected by Virgin due to the fact a migration from copper lines to fibre optic lines.My mum and her part...

Raju01 by Joining in
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Digital Voice Switchover - 2 phone lines

Hi,Customer service phone line is "busier than usual" (when isn't it?) so hopefully I'll get a quicker answer here I have phone and broadband package, I also have an additional phone line with its own number. The main phone line comes into the first ...

Geoghs by Tuning in
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land line not working

Please does anyone know who or where we can get help with the landline. So frustrating that it is a minefield and no clear customer support. Have unplugged everything still not working. Who do I notify?

Landline issues - not ringing going direct to Voicemail

Today, I have experienced issues with receiving incoming calls to my landline. I can make calls but all incoming calls go to VM without ringing internally. As per the Virgin Media help topics, I have rebooted my router but the issues remain. I rang V...

nbootle2 by Joining in
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Non-Itemised Call Charge on My Bill

Hello there.I had a non-itemised call charge on my latest VM bill. I believe that this is the first non-itemised call charge that I have had and am curious to see if it is possible to find out what number I dialled that caused the charge. Thank you, ...

Beagle2 by Tuning in
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Callers are being cut off when my line is busy

I have just switched to the new VoIP system and everything seems to be working well from my point of view. However, callers are reporting that they just get cut off when my line is busy. No engaged tone, no automated message - just two rings and then...

savik2 by Up to speed
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extend number of rings

my landline phone on your rings five times before going to answerphone. Is it possible for you to extend it to at least 10. The phone is plugged into wall socket.I am disabled and find it incredibly difficult to get to the phone before the call goes ...

brierlj1 by Joining in
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No phone line

I have just been told by the helpline the following reason that our phone line has been dead since last Wednesday. As we are leaving Virgin and porting our landline number to the new provider the phone will no longer work and will take 14 days to tra...