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I've had enough of Virgin!

I had a full day without phone just before Christmas, I spent over £9 on my mobile trying to ger it resolved - WHERE IS THE REBATE ON MY BILL? There ain't any!The blasted thing is OFF AGAIN today, dead as a dodo, this time I am £15 out of pocket, tha...

pentode by On our wavelength
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Landline issues.

Good morning, could someone please assist?My landline has stopped working. When I pick up the receiver there is an engaged tone.I have run all the suggested tests snd still nothing. I have bought a new phone and tried that still doesn't work which su...

SammieC1 by Tuning in
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Phone call recipient permanently engaged

Recently when ringing certain numbers from my virgin landline the recipient  is permanently engaged. It appears that I now have to enter the full area code with number otherwise the recipient is engaged. This didn't happen before. Any suggestions.

cookie1 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Home phone Adapter

Hellocan you please send me plugin adapter for telephone when everyone switches over to digital - I have hub 3As i haven't recieved one - am abit worried due to what is going to happen ector will you send it out automatic?? The landline is downstair ...

slowstar by Dialled in
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Landline - Cannot make or receive calls

I am unable to make or receive phonecalls from the landline.I've tried all the suggestions online and nothing, can't speak to anyone to discuss.When the automated bot says it will check the line from your end and I need to call back in 10 minutes I e...

Increasing the number of rings on a Virgin landline

I read reply by Carley_S to adebisi dated 10-7-23 about increasing the number of rings on my landline to 10. I have just been given the exact opposite response from a call agent saying I can't increase the number of rings unless I switch to VOIP (thi...

1471 is not working

My 1471 is not working - it keeps telling me a number which called days ago. It is not a 'number withheld' issue because it does not remember a call from our own mobile.I spent the last 30 minutes to technical support who, not only struggled to under...

VOIP by Tuning in
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Resolved! External Bell for Telephone

Since my phone was converted to VoiP the external bell (ex BT) doesn't work. Is it possible for it to be reconnected?The engineer who came to do the conversion said he'd never seen an external bell before!I would mention the the phone is connected to...

peterts by Tuning in
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Hello. I want to switch off voicemail on landline

Ali2024 by Joining in
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