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Home phone - landline down

My land line is down, so are some others in BD2 1LJ Area 14.  Why is this? I called CS but they say no faults. Have booked an engineer for Thursday 5th to come the to house with an adapter to plug in the router, why ? The fault is generic.  What if t...

ianjayne by Rising star
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Resolved! Keeping old landline from previous virgin account

Hello, I signed up to a new Virgin Media account last week and closed my elderly mothers account and was told on numerous occasions that I would be able to keep the old Landline number. However, now I am being told this is not the case and that even ...

Mpolio7 by Joining in
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Resolved! Digital Phone Switchover

My digital phone switchover was today. Everything connected as instructed, but no dial tone on the home phone. Have rebooted my Super Hub 3 a couple of times, but without success. Grateful for any advice.

Resolved! transfer landline to three

I have had to cancel my subscription with VM after a bereavement and would like to transfer the landline number to three. They are asking for a PAC...???  Can you help please?

Halina38 by Joining in
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Check line cord

Good afternoon looking for some advice elderly parents got rid of broadband and tv, but kept landline. It’s not working as off today get engaged tone when trying to phone them, and they have no dial tone 

Resolved! new voip line rig ever 50 minutes on the dot

Hi,  i have just been switched from the traditional land line to VOIP, for some reason every 50 minutes the phone rings once then cuts off no number on caller display , it all working correctly receiving and calling ok apart from the Phantom calls, I...

rmd69 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Can VM block a withheld number?

Hi, I hope this question finds you well.On last two consecutive nights, the home phone has rang. Roughly, one at 3:30 am, the other at 4:30 am, and both numbers hidden. I have enabled night mode on the device, so further disturbance avoided.No messag...

Data by On our wavelength
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Digital Switchover Compulsory?

Can I refuse to be switched over? According to recent press coverage BT are not forcing vulnerable customers to switch until 2025. Is it the same with Virgin? My parents have health conditions that have required them to phone 999. They still have cor...