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Virgin landline phone out of action

Our Virgin landline has been out of service for the last week. Phone is dead if we try to ring out and we cannot receive calls. Next door neighbour who is not with Virgin has no problems.  We have been receiving calls meant for a telephone number oth...

Calling 020 numbers from 020 landline

Not urgent, but got a question.Up until Sunday we used to call 0208 numbers by dialing the numbers from the 8 from our 0208 landline number, and it used to connect fine...since about Sunday it doesn't.  So if the full number is 0208 123 4567, we coul...

Who's calling

I have had three calls up to now from an alleged local number the first was at 07.54 this morning did not answer but did a reverse call search that was saying its registered to  Virgin Media the third i answered and what ever language was spoken it w...

Has Virgin been spoofed?

I've been getting a lot of calls from "Virgin, your internet provider"  First it was on my home phone number - just twice - then it has been about five  more on my mobile. I've blocked the number but calls are still coming. So, Q1 how did these guys ...

EddyFiss by Tuning in
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Resolved! Missed switchover date

Is it possible that my phone will continue to work for some time without me using the adaptor? I forgot the switchover date and it is still working. 

gill139 by Tuning in
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Buzzing/Hum on Landline

Last week I reported a fault with my landline using my mobile.  There is a buzzing noise when we make a call using the landline although the recepient cannot hear it but it is loud enough to abandon the call and use a mobile instead. During my call w...

Resolved! Landline not working

My landline has stopped working due to neighbour having a new Virgin cable installed. The sub contractors who came out and tarmacked his new cable in must have crushed or torn my cable and broken my landline. I have cancer and use it for ringing the ...

Landline not accepting anonymous calls

Appreciate it's not a bad thing... But our landline isn't going off when an anonymous/unknown caller id phones us. We found out through waiting for Doctors appointment then I tried using my mobile on hidden id but nothing. We've not got anonymous cal...

JAK92 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline

Cannot phone landline to landline just get engaged tone can phone mobile nu.bers OK phoned virgin media and was told I now have to add the area code e.g.0208 is anyone else having this problem 

Gina1854 by Joining in
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