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No dial tone for a week.

Tested the phone. Service Checker done many times. Tried every way to contact on this website. Gone round in circles! Haven't been able to report it. Haven't got any further with getting help. Any ideas?

cphipps by Joining in
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BT landline numer transfer

My BT numer was schedule to port to my new  virgin landline  on 22nd Aug but it has not happened please help

mthazy by Joining in
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no dialling tone on landline

we have no dialling tone i borrowed a phone from my neighbour plugged this in the socket but this is also dead the problem lies with the line not the phone can you please arrange a engineer to call. thanks

oak1 by Joining in
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(I'm cutting and pasting from a similar message from earlier in the year, since my problem is exactly the same. You went offline for the solution, so here goes again:)Landline has not been working for days now.Can't call out, can't receive calls - ju...

No Dialling Tone

Noticed my home phone is not working yesterdayPhone is wireless with and plugged in to electrical socket and phone line goes into wall Called support who stated the phone would not have been working since a change was made 05/07 and to buy an RJ11 ca...

AndyP81 by Joining in
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Phone Line Down - Contacting on Behalf of my Disabled Mother

Hi,My mum's phone line has went down, there is an emergency alarm connected to the phone line for calling out if my mother needs help.She has no other method of communication, no mobile phone or email..etc..So this is the only way she can connect wit...

How do I get removed from the BT phone book?

How do I get my details removed from the BT Phone Book?  In the book it says if you are not a BT customer contact your provider.  I found the same question on here but the answer seemed to be a private message for some reason.  

Deb21 by Joining in
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Incoming calls - not ringing

Since a local power outage last Sunday any incoming phone calls to our landline have not rung.  The telephone is a BT cordless one with a call blocker in operation.  I have use a wired Viscount telephone in the same socket and that does not ring eith...

Dave-87 by Tuning in
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Faulty landline.

Hi i have no ringing tone on my home phone. Also it would not ring if being called.  Just plugged in another phone still same issues