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No dialing tone on landline via wall socket

Hello there, My landline currently has no dialing tone when connected via the wall socket.  I've tried it with two separate telephone handsets, both of which work perfectly when connected to the Hub itself, but in both cases the signal appears to be ...

Phone Number (Landline)

Hi,I had a look in our account and had a look at the number of our landline. The number in the account is NOT the same as our actual landline number.Please explain

auldyin by Dialled in
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Copy of telephone records

Hi there,Is there any way to access/request a copy of my incoming and outgoing calls for certain dates? Thanks.

WeeV1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Rejoined virgin media landline doesn’t work

Hi,I rejoined virgin media with broadband only and had plusnet for broadband with landline as backup. Since the internet is now more reliable I cancelled plusnet and moved my landline back over to virgin media in March 2022. It hasn’t worked since. P...

Resolved! Hub 3.0 second telephone socket

Hi,My VM router (hub 3) is located in a cupboard. Since it was installed on 17th April, the only phone which works in my house is the unit which is plugged into the router. All my other phones connected to extension sockets installed by BT are now de...

Tangent by Tuning in
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Resolved! Fibre Phone connectivity

I've read the initial instructions of how to connect my existing phone to the Home Hub, using the adaptor supplied, via port 1. I currently use the VM Home Hub in Modem only mode and use Port 1 to connect my Netgear Nighthawk router to provide WiFi a...

Darian by Joining in
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Fibre Phone network engineer appointment

Hi,We have received a Fibre Phone Adaptor in the last week.  I have not yet received a letter.  I understand from speaking to Virgin Media today that they are going to change my landline to the fibre network on the 6/10/2022.  The problem is that my ...

Mikeosuk by Joining in
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