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Resolved! Voicemail hangs up mid message

Hello,My landline was transferred to my SuperHub yesterday.  I thought everything was working correctly but I've now got a voicemail but when I try to retrieve it, midway through reading out the message the line goes dead.  I'd actually prefer to tur...

nleaney by Dialled in
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UPS for Superhub 5

For my mums BT fibre & hub then as she runs the telephone through the hub for the lifeline. BT sent her 2x free UPS battery and this means in event of a power failure then the wifi & telephone will not be impacted…As my home telephone line runs throu...

forshawj by Up to speed
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Resolved! Change allocated home phone number

We have recently taken out a VM contract which includes a home phone number. When I added it to my mobile phone contacts, it came up with a company as the name. I Googled the phone number and it is listed on multiple sites under the company name. Thi...

Resolved! Home phone connected to broadbane hub

I have this problem with my hub 4 I have tried connecting my virgin home phone to this like you will have to soon but no luck.I look in the Quick Set-Up Wizards in and it shows my Telephony(Disabled) in the settings I have tried various...

lewi1968 by Tuning in
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Landline porting

Sales team advise i could port number after new account was setup at same address.Rang immediately on new service activation and they didnt even know the old number was theirs.' which service provider is old number with?'  Joke !!Is it active or not?...

Landline not working

Hi, my landline is not working. I have no dial tone and incoming callers get an engaged tone. Service status says there is no problems and I can’t find anyway to report the issue through the website, it just keeps sending me round in circles to check...

Tinu by Tuning in
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Landline not working

most frustrating company ive ever come across   my landline dont work no dial tone or anything so thought i would try to contact virgin which is almost impossiblechose all my options and then got told by an automated voice that we will put you throug...

robevz by Joining in
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Landline issues

The landline will not receive calls or allow me to make calls. I have even purchased a new phone and wiring and still have the same issue. Line has engaged tone or just rings once when trying to call.

Mitch5 by Joining in
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Turn off landline voicemail

Could you please turn off my landline voicemail as I can't get to the phone before if kicks in and I am missing calls.