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No land line dial tone

I noticed this morning that there was no dial tone on my home phone. I have just been messaging someone at virgin media through Twitter who told me to go here.As I told them, it is the land line which is plugged into the wall socket. I have tried var...

Landline can't dial out

Due to a medical emergency my 90 year old mother in law is at home alone. I went around over the weekend and discovered that she could receive calls on her landline but not make outgoing calls.I have since spent considerable time trying to speak to a...

Elderly mother landline has no dial tone

Elderly mother cannot make or receive calls, noticed approx 3 days ago, very frustrating trying to report it as can only get as far as automated service so unable to speak to a real person to explain the issue/fault in detail. She needs her landline ...

Linzie76 by Joining in
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Resolved! landline numbers rung

How am i supposed to find out the number of any ive rung through my landline? i need to provide proof that i rang somewhere on a particular date.please help

Home phone fibre swithover

I am having trouble with switching over my phone to fibre network as my Virgin hub is in my living room and my connection box is in the hall. I have had no phone service now for a month and cannot now contact Virgin through 151. Can anyone help pleas...

Number port from Talk Talk

Hi. I'm trying to port my old landline number (still active with talk talk) to my new virgin account. I think a number port form has been submitted but haven't heard for a few days. Can I check on progress? I'm paying for the old talk talk contract u...

Resolved! Landline not working

Our landline hasn’t been working now for over a week. We realised just before we went away for a week and hoped it was just a fault that would be rectified once we had returned, but still not working.We’ve tried the status checks and all the checks o...

Order VM phone adapter

HiJust realised that we need a phone adapter to use the landline with a VM hub.  This was never supplied.  How do I order oneThanks

TimPLS by Joining in
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Resolved! Weird dial tone

Just transitioned to virgin media from BT. Phone plugged in via adapter to the hub. All appears to be working okay. However the dial tone is weird. It’s not constant. Makes usual tone for about 2 seconds and then no sound momentarily before sounding ...