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No land line dial tone.

HiMy landline has no dial tone and not sure ifI should switched over by now. Thanks for help

Boulders by Joining in
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VOIP - Ultimate Volt - Hub 5

We have recently gone over to VM fibre with the Ultimate Volt 1 gig package.As we have had problems with "no number" calls and were considering a change anyhow to access VOIP calls we purchased a new Gigaset N300 with C530 IP handsets. We expected th...

chelmoo by Tuning in
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New Fibre Phone Adaptor

Same Q as other's, router no where near phone so will need router and cabling relocated. Obviously prob's not my doing, so engineer call should be FOC!!

Home landline phone dead

We have no dial tone and people ringing us say that they hear a ring tone, which carries on until they hang up!We got a new VM package in August, although, until yesterday, we have had no problems. Can anyone suggest a solution? 

Chrisp39 by Joining in
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Resolved! Smart Hub 4 Telephone ports

Morning,             I've only just had the need to start using my Virgin media telephone line but found the telephone ports on my smart hub 4 disabled. Is there a quick way to enable these without waiting for hours on the phone (chat seems to have n...

tmcderm by Tuning in
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Fibre Phone

My land line socket is in the bedroom on the window sill and my virgin hub is under the tv in the living room. This new adaptor that has just been delivered appears useless ?

schofs2 by Joining in
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Default after phone not cancelled

I cancelled my virginmedia package due to moving. 7 months later, I was contacted by phone about outstanding balance. I couldn't pass security questions due to me forgetting password. He said he would send letter to change password. This didn't happe...

Resolved! Change landline number

I've just signed another contract from monthly rolling to 18 months with loyalty discount; the lady I spoke clearly informed her that I want to change my landline number. She said that will be done by midnight that was on Friday. Today I called VM an...

aloskor by Tuning in
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No landline, internet or tv

Came home from work today to find red light flashing on hub 5, no dial tone on home phones, and unable to make or recieve calls. No WiFi and as such TV also not working. Are there any issues in the pe29 area? 

Ajack by Joining in
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Fibre Phone adapter not arrived

Hi,I received an email on 27th July telling me to look out for an adapter that would be needed to operate my landline after change over to "Fibre" on 19th October. As yet this has not arrived. Trying to talk to anybody on in customer services over th...