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Phone landline

We have suddenly lost the ability to accept incoming calls. We get a dialling tone and can make outgoing calls but if you ring the number it sou as if it rings once and rings off.Any ideas anyone?

Jodenkel by Joining in
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Phone connector

How do i get a landline connector between phone and hub 3 please

BILLYG23 by Joining in
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No Info about fibre landline

I’ve had a message left on my mobile from Virgin, can’t really understand the message but something about updating phone line so we don’t lose service. I’ve not heard anything at all about this previously - no communication etc from virgin- but readi...

Floss by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Phone ringer stopped working after digital upgrade

Hi, since plugging my home phone into the router port after the digital changeover, using the adapter Virgin sent out a few weeks ago, the phone ringer has ceased to work. I have a dial tone, I can make calls, I can even receive calls if I stand ther...

Nigel_M by Tuning in
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Resolved! Moving landline to New Hub connection - modem mode

Hi all had a letter from VM saying that from December 5th I will have to plug my landline into my router with a adapter (port 1 in super Hub 3). however:  I use my hub as a modem with a TP-Link Deco 3 unit Mesh network and two Network TP-Link 1GB swi...

Resolved! Phone cable extension to router

What cable do I need to get if I want to extend my phone cable from the router ?is it a standard extension cable for phones 

BigG65 by Joining in
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Digital switchover - no landline -ridiculous

Hi, I received a text this morning while i was at work telling me that my landline has been switched over to this new service.I have finished work and back at home and i now have no landline, I'm so angry, why would you do this?It's rediculous, you c...

Edward036 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Crackle on phone line with hub 5

Since upgrade to hub 5 my phone line crackles and cannot make outgoing calls. Phone plugs into wall socket not hub. Anyone else having same problem or had and resolved any help much appreciated as calling virgin a nightmare 

speak to a human about a complaint

I registered a complaint on 24/09 all I have received is two mails containing a link to your "useful" guide. No ref number - nothing. - I had a nothing issue that could have been sorted.Tried calling today and all you do is send me a text link to my ...

Resolved! Disable 1571

Hello,I'm speaking on behalf of my mother in law. I would like to disable 1571 as she's got a phone with her own answering machine.Many thanks!