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Dead landline!

Phone line went dead last night, during a call. Now no dial tone, nothing, unable to call in or out..Have tried connecting a second phone, nothing. Tried phoning my number from another phone (neighbours!) nothing, phone just drops the call!! Now, tri...

HughJarsse by Knows their stuff
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No 1471 or caller ID

As with some others on the forum we had a dead line with no dialling tone and no one could phone in. An engineer fixed this after 10 days of ringing every day but we now have no 1471 and caller id. How can I fixe these please. I am near moving to ano...

Landline goes dead after approx 10 secs

I moved house in Jan. Transferring Virgin with me. Since moving I have had issues with my landline. I am unable to use it. When receiving or making a call, after approx 10 secs the line will go dead. I have run VM several times. I have been told vari...

SammieC1 by Tuning in
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landline transfer to router

We received the adapter and followed the instructions, but after the transfer date, we have no dial tone and cannot receive calls either

Technician appointment not showing

A virgin support person in S Africa made me a technician appointment for next tuesday 29th nov 4-7pm as I have a dead landline but there is no confirmation on the website under orders & appointments or email. How do I know this appointment will happe...

DKM1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Hub3 VOIP compatible phone

Moved to a new property and got Virgin instgalled. As Virgin no longer provide landline for new customers has to be a VOIP connection.Today was supposed to be the day the phone went live - but it is dead.  After long phone calls to VM customer suppor...

Gill_EH by Joining in
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landline phone not working

my landline phone isnt working has been down since friday 18th november have phoned virgin up keep getting message saying they are aware of the problem and trying to fix it

choccy by Joining in
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Resolved! Fibre Phone Adapter

In our house are 3 phonesUpstairsIn our house are 3 phonesUpstairsWe have the Hub in rear bedroom BUT only a corded phone plugged into the the Fibre Phone adapter with the other into Hub. This is very impractical (never normally used Only way to a wo...

grem411 by Tuning in
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The ringer has stopped working on my landline phone

Good evening,The ringer on my landline phone has recently stopped ringing.  It's been like this for a few weeks now.  I bought a new phone beacuse I thought the old one must be faulty but this doesn't work either.  I am plugged into the traditional t...

New phone adapter to attach to hub, phone now not working

Landline was switched off on Monday 21st November. I've connected my phone to the hub3 via the new adapter previously provided & followed all instructions. Switched my hub off completely & let it reboot & checked all cables are attached correctly & s...

NFC1of3 by Joining in
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