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No landline dial tone

Just a quickie, my switchover date is today 19th october so like many I have transfered my old plugin landline to the new RJ11+socket for the te1 on the router. Switched everthing off and reset, making sure all cables were seated fully and powered be...

speckett by Tuning in
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Resolved! Telecare system and fibre upgrades

Hi my Mum is a virgin customer. She is elderly and  has hearing difficulties and can't hear people on the phone, expecially if they have accents she's not used to.She has been receiving calls which  could be scams but *I think* are about the plan to ...

morna by Joining in
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I called Virgin at least 5 times re overcharging on my bill. They checked my records and apologised but they do not offer refunds??? I wrote raising a complaint which they misunderstood and gave me a poor answer. I wrote again no reply yet (around on...

Resolved! Can I book an engineer online?

Can I book an engineer online instead of trying to get through on the phone? I need to book an engineer to come out and fit the adapter for the fibre phone line at beginning of November 

SarahJ8 by Tuning in
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Landline switch to fibre

I have been told that my switch to fibre phone is 24 November. However the landline has now stopped working, over a month before the switch was due, apparently because the local exchange got ahead of itself and inadvertently changed the system. So I ...

Ian251 by Joining in
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Phone landline

We have suddenly lost the ability to accept incoming calls. We get a dialling tone and can make outgoing calls but if you ring the number it sou as if it rings once and rings off.Any ideas anyone?

Jodenkel by Joining in
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Phone connector

How do i get a landline connector between phone and hub 3 please

BILLYG23 by Joining in
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No Info about fibre landline

I’ve had a message left on my mobile from Virgin, can’t really understand the message but something about updating phone line so we don’t lose service. I’ve not heard anything at all about this previously - no communication etc from virgin- but readi...

Floss by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Phone ringer stopped working after digital upgrade

Hi, since plugging my home phone into the router port after the digital changeover, using the adapter Virgin sent out a few weeks ago, the phone ringer has ceased to work. I have a dial tone, I can make calls, I can even receive calls if I stand ther...

Nigel_M by Tuning in
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Resolved! Moving landline to New Hub connection - modem mode

Hi all had a letter from VM saying that from December 5th I will have to plug my landline into my router with a adapter (port 1 in super Hub 3). however:  I use my hub as a modem with a TP-Link Deco 3 unit Mesh network and two Network TP-Link 1GB swi...