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Talk More Anytime

Can anyone please verify that I have to pay for any calls I make once I go over 1000 minutes a month. My phone is plugged into a wall socket and my phone contract is 'Talk More Anytime'. Thanks

Resolved! Number Porting Charges (Hit by an excessive charge)

As my volt bundle includes unlimited landline calls I decided to port my landline across.The process has started however I have just received an invoice for £60 (£50 + Vat).The existing provider did not charge line rental, just call charges at 1p a m...

notdodgy by Dialled in
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Resolved! Landline Voicemail

I would like to arrange for my Landline voicemail to be turned off.

BobRob by Joining in
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Phone Line Nothing

I had an engineer out today to fix up my Home phone to the Hub.TWO Hours later I now have NO phone working.No dialing tone something can't even contact Virgin on 150 for free .I was told my switch over date was today and told it would be working.Noth...

CurlyA74 by Joining in
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Resolved! FIBREPHONE - do i need to bother?

I have never used my Virgin phone line, but recognise it's a necessary-but-useless part of my broadband/TV package,A letter from Virgin says I must get a technician visit before next month or I'll not be able to make calls.   They invite me to phone ...

mkfella by Joining in
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Landline stopped working

Dear Support,I cannot find a way to report a line fault with my landline on the Help website.My landline has stopped working, there is no dial tone and I have tried multiple telephones all with the same result.Please can I report a line fault.Best re...

Resolved! Landline not working - No dial-tone

As the subject line says - My landline is not working and has no dial-tone.I have tried plugging an old analogue phone into the socket to check that it wasn't the equipment.It appears to have not been working for a couple of days at least as I have b...

Landline stopped working

Landline Think stopped working earlier this month, just I don't use it and only just noted that it's been quiet.There has been new houses built at the end of street, just after mine and a box, some have had virgin installed so maybe something happend...

TWolf2 by Tuning in
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