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Fibre Phone Adapter

So we’ve been sent the fibre adapter. My phone line is downstairs and my hub is connected upstairs. I have no way of connecting this to our home phone line due to the position of the phone line to the position of the hub. What the hell do I do now?

Problem switching to eBilling

Greetings,Currently I am searching in circles on how to switch to eBilling.I do have a myvirginmedia account and I did go to account settings, however there is no eBilling section/button to be found.Contacted via calling - long queue and no answerCon...

Phone will not ring

Hello. We hav recently swithched to Hitron router and the landline is now connected through the router. We can dial out with no problems, however when receiving calls, the phone does not ring so I have no way of knowing when a call is coming in. Thin...

DavidHB by On our wavelength
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Engineer visit

Could you please book an engineer‘s visit in preparation for the proposed switchover to cable, since my hub and telephone jack are in different parts of my house.

Ring Back Help

We have discovered recently that the ring facility is not working on our land line. It used to be that we could phone a number and if it was engaged, you would get the option to dial 5 and an automated voice would say  "ring back request accepted," w...

pageyboy by On our wavelength
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no incoming calls

I have plugged in the fibre phone adaptor I can make outgoing calls. but not getting incoming. Please can you assist?

Phone line dead

My home phone is not working at all. No dial tone and ringing the number does not connect.

Waldy by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Home Phone Services Change - Letter

I’ve just lost 45 minutes that I won’t get back thanks to VirginMedia.  Each time I contact them it’s like returning to the dark days of Ntl’s zero customer service.I received a letter advising that VM had been trying to contact me - Untrue - no comm...

Resolved! Landline

My home phone has no dial tone.  Not working.  All physical connections are solid.  Virgin media App  states no problem but that’s not true.please help!thanks 

Mike_R3 by Tuning in
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