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Can you tell me how much it would cost to get rid of virgin

Norman53 by Joining in
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Wall sockets not working

Hoping for help, as I’ve been around the houses with VM support!We’ve had home phone as part of our package for six years. Noticed the other day that there was no dial tone on the landline phone - thought it was just the phone being old, so got a new...

Damaged phone cable

Hi. I think my Virgin phone line is damaged. Getting lots of static/no dialling tone. Have tried 2 handsets. Front garden has just been landscaped and I think the phone part of the cable must have been damaged. Internet is working at full speed. I ha...

Transfer Landline Number from Virgin Business to Residential

Hi,I've had Virgin Business cable broadband, along with a landline, for severalyears. I have decided to switch to the full Virgin bundle including TV, and so have had to open a new residential account. My new install is next week, and I have set my V...

Hamslay by Tuning in
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Resolved! Extensions dead after forced landline upgrade to 27AC

I have had a Virgin media landline since 1998, with two sockets installed by Virgin media for connected phones in different rooms.Recently, following reporting a phone fault, I was forcibly switched over to the new standard for hub-based telephony (2...

No hub4 phone line for 3-days

My old landline was terminated on the 18th October and I connected to the hub 4 as instructed, however my phone doesn’t work. No dial tone.I checked my service status and allegedly all is well with phone but its dead. VM technical help report there i...

Hub 4 to home phone

I need an adaptor to connect my home phone to my recent Hub 4 router, not included in the package.Could you send me one please.

paulwal by Joining in
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Phone line transfer to hub

We've been advised that the phone line will be transferred to the hub next month and have received an adpater to plug for connection into the hub. We have 3 extension sockets which need to be kept live.I've seen from other posts that a 4 Wire Plug to...

GeoffB45 by Joining in
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BT PHone Virgin Line

I have a new Bt Phone Handset and when i plug it into the virgin line i am able to call the phone but it does not ring. I also am not able to call out from the phone. So basically, i can't make or recieve calls what is the issue?