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No landline calls

I have the same problem as others. Landline just gives the engaged signal  when trying to make calls. Income calls not connecting as reported by two people tryingto make contact. Tried to report through neigbours phone on 150 but cannot report landli...

sean102 by Joining in
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Landline down

How do I book an engineer if my landline isn’t working? Crackling for a few seconds then automated voice tells me to replace handset or cuts me off. Service status green tick! I can’t find anywhere online, i just seem to be sent back to square one!

jr9499 by Tuning in
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Landline not working

My 84 year old mum has had no landline for over three weeks now. I live 300 miles away, and the helpline will not talk to me as I am not there! Worryingly her falls alarm is also not working so thanks for this - I am stressed to death. Please send so...

Resolved! Migrating my landline number to VoIP provider

Hello. I am currently in the process of migrating my number from Virgin to Andrews & Arnold VoIP service. They have asked me to verify with my provider if my number is a single line number, or a multi line number, this is so the number porting proces...

Luqybb91 by Dialled in
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Add Telephony to Hub 3

Hi, I'm a new customer on M135 package. I went for BB only but in hindsight maybe should have included phone  Anyway, wondering how much to add\ change my package (still in 14 day period) to include tel using hub 3. Would be looking to port over exis...

Stevo19 by Joining in
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Fibre cable adapter

Hi, I have added a home phone to my services and virgin have had issues sending me out the adapter I need to plug my phone into the router. Can an engineer in my area drop one off tomorrow at all? I have tried contacting virgin multiple times and the...

Landline Dead

Hi, I had reported a problem with the ringer not working on my landline on 16th November. An engineer attended on 23rd November and said that the problem is at the exchange and the Networks team would have to fix it. He said he would pass the fault t...

Fibre up the Khyber...?

Help!  I have plugged my phone into the correct port on the modem (yes, modem) and it isn't working.  I've tried the other port, too.  I've also restarted the modem a number of times.  And left it 72 hours.  And called via mobile for the automated li...

Vyewalker by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline

My landline is not ringing or receiving incoming calls I can make calls from the landline