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No landline phone service again

Unable to contact anyone at virgin to report my 84 year old mother in laws phone as it is not working for the third time this year.   When you dial her number a message oops check number you have dialed.  Have tried to ring virgin from my virgin phon...

Landline & tv constant buffering

Two problems so far and not for the first time either,  The first being that our landline has been out for a few days - not able to make or receive calls yet when I go through the VM check status it says nothing wrong. Also a big problem with 2nd tv ...

Fibre Phone

Hey all, we've received our 'rah rah' leaflet and Fibre Phone dongle from VM.  Talk about providing the bare minimum for converting your phone, the place where our phone enters our property is about 20 feet away from the hub, they provide a 2 inch ad...

anw194 by Joining in
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My home 'phones are not ringing.

I have missed incoming calls because both my landline 'phones haven't rung for 2 days. Also, when I ring using my mobile, the caller i/d does not display.When I didn't answer the 'phone, my family became quite worried that I'd had an accident and cou...

Porting Phone Landline number.

I have got a new service provider in for internet and landline,I requested to have my number moved to my new provider, and all seemed well, had a email to say this would be done on the 26th of October.  Just phoned up as i have just had a bill throug...

No incoming calls for a few weeks now

I've missed several vital calls from the hospital as my phone immediately cuts off any incoming calls. I can still make outward calls fine.I have recently been upgraded to a Hub 5 and 1Gig, could this be the problem?

SammiBabe by On our wavelength
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Landline Adapter

Adapter to plug my landline into my hub never turned up. Ordered another from Virgin.....hasn’t turned up!!Can I purchase a generic one from from somewhere or does it have to be Virgin? ThanksBrian

bre5 by Joining in
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Phone line cut by contractors

Hi,We are having a new drive laid and the guy doing it has cut through our landline cable (not the Hub fibre cable). Our phone now displays a message saying there is a fault with the line and we can't make any calls. However, when I call our number f...

Can’t change contact number

I’m trying to change my contact number to my mobile as I don’t use the landline via the app and online and keep getting the message unable to save.