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Resolved! Hub Adapter

Hi,My phone line is due switch over to a digital connection in early January.  I've received two e-mails from Virgin so far advising me that an adapter for the Hub will be arriving shortly, but so far nothing has been received.Can I request that one ...

Bolehill by Dialled in
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no home phone

Hi - I missed the date to transfer my home phone to the hub. I've just tried to connect but its not working - please help - thanks

chas28 by Joining in
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Incoming calls - phone not ringing

Hi I've booked an engineer for next week but thought I'd ask here in case anyone could help. I had a landline installed last week. This was actually a reactivation of an existing line in my flat. Not sure when the Virgin line was last used, but it's ...

AndyG9 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline Switchover

I've just been informed of the Landline Switchover, i'll be getting an adaptor soon to connect my phone to my HUB.What i want to know is, and there is nothing about this in the extra information here http://www.virginmedia.com/help/landline/switchove...

Resolved! Change to fibre and home alarm system

Just been advised my date for change to fibre phone. My house security alarm has a speech dialler to call me when the alarm goes off. Checked with my security alarm local provider and been quoted £266 for upgrade to a GSM dialler. Why is this necessa...

Resolved! VOIP migration problems...

I have connected to my hub 3 OK and can ring out  BUT  my handset will not ring when a call is incoming..... although if you pick it up it IS connected.    I have tried 2 other handsets...   same symptom  ...but they are all quite old.... could this ...

Resolved! Caller ID - another one stopped working

Hi guys, asking for an elderly relative who is also a VM customer but is a bit lost.Briefly, a few days ago his caller ID stopped displaying who's trying to call him.  Went through his handset settings and no issues there.Called 150 who couldn't see ...