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Hi can i ask if our voice mail is off as have tried to look online but no option to see phone features page???

Hosay299 by Dialled in
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Still nothing

As of tomorrow it’s been 2 weeks since an engineer came and said it was a simple procedure of switching over manually, and still cannot accept incoming calls, and still not heard anything back from VM . Not good not good at all.

landline been dead for 5 days

hi folks, my landline has been dead for about 5 days now and ive been struggling to get in touch with anyone from virgin about it as i dont have access to another phone and i cannot for the life of me find a way of doing it on the virgin website so h...

Port home phone from TalkTalk full fibre

Cutting a very long story short: I've been trying to get my home phone number moved from TalkTalk full fibre (so VOIP) to Virgin since end of September. The account with TalkTalk is currently still active. Three port attempts have failed, many calls ...

CX999 by Joining in
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Crackle on line

Himy Landline crackles badly when making or receiving calls, progressively getting worse in past few weeks I’ve checked the box, cables & connections indoors and all appear sound. I finally purchased a new handset but alas no change. £30 spent for no...

Jdah90 by Joining in
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Landline dead after power blip

Afternoon,After a power blip last night (Fri 16th Dec, lights flickered/died a couple of times) our Landline now appears to have died and we are getting no dial tone. Talking to one of our neighbours, who is also on Virgin, they have the same problem...

TonyJH by Joining in
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Resolved! Please can I disable VoiceMail

As previously reported - the landline section on your website INCORRECTLY links to help on mobile Voicemail and not Landline Voicemail.Is there a way to disable this or do I need a support request raising?  

notdodgy by Dialled in
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Landline socket

  Now that I have VOIP via my Hub 5 can I safely remove the old landline socket?

cheile48 by On our wavelength
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Landline phone URGENT

The land line is out of order. So is my neighbour's landline. I am 97 and rely on my land line for carers and family and nurses. I specially need it at night. I know the area checks show no issue. Please treat this as urgent. Area 25 - SA59NDAn engin...

JulieL1 by Joining in
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