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Cancel landline voicemail

Hii need to cancel my landline voicemail on 1571, I’ve been through all the options on 1571 and round in circles on the virgin media site - surely this must be a simple fix that I can initiate myself?? Does anyone have the solution please?thanks

Jetmeg by Joining in
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No caller ID not enabled

Hi I’m unable to change the settings for no caller ID . I think it’s not enabled on the system and it may be blocked 

Anjii_x by Joining in
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No Number calls since moving to IP home

Hi there, Since moving to home phone up we have been receiving numerous no ring calls in excess of 20 per day, the majority of them during the night.I was alarmed when I looked that he call history on the phone to discover this.How do we stop this......

Resolved! type pf phone compatible

HI ,i have recently moved houses and kept my landline as it was cheaper than ditching it. I left my old phone in the old house and need to buy a new phone . Would the small handset type that I plugged directly into old landline (taking power from it)...

thornaby by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Digital Changeover

I have been told my service will change on 13/01/2023 and I have still not received my adapter and I will also require a engineer to fit it because my hub is in the opposite corner of my house to my phone each time I call Virgin Media I get fobbed of...

Dave751 by Joining in
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Fibrephone adapter but no date

Hello       I recently received a HUB5, and then shortly after the home phone adapter.       On checking the modem online, telephony is still set as disabled, and we have not received a date when this will switch over . Can someone help please?

uk_dragon by On our wavelength
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Landline Outage

Hi Virgin Media Support,I have been having issues with my Landline since begining of November. The phone has been working intermittently due to outage in my area. There were times when it has not worked at all for few days. I reported above issues to...

Landline Unable to get incoming calls - outgoing calls are fine

Hi for several weeks now i have been experiencing this error. I've reset phone, reset the base, and since october ive never been able to get incoming calls. I thought switching to Virgin would enable them as bt weren't helping much.Anyway i can call ...

ViperSP by Tuning in
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Landline not working

Received my adaptor about 4 weeks ago. My normal connection for my landline stopped working ages ago. Plugged phone in to adaptor and then router. Nothing, no dial tone, cannot dial out. If I ring my home number from mobile it just rings and rings. H...