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No land line phone

Hi, we've had no landline phones for a week now, how do I go about getting the phones to work through the hub rather than the old BT socket, is this something that needs to be enabled by Virgin?

Home phone adaptor

Hello my home phone adapter that connect it to the hub is broken the clip is broken so it keep coming out can someone from virgin order me a new one please 

sandelben by On our wavelength
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Hub 3 land line

My current virgin phone socket stoped working. An engineer came and gave me an adapter to put in the hub but my phone wasn’t compatible.I purchased a new DECT type phone and put adapter in Hub 3 phone1 and plugged phone into adapter. i had no dial to...

No home phone line

I have had intermittent connection for a few weeks but since Friday I have had nothing. My phone says’ Check Phone Line’. I have unconnected and reconnected and still nothing but the Virgin line status check doesn’t identify a problem in the area. I ...

Franrae by Joining in
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Since the landlines were changed to VOIP they no longer give the 'engaged' tone. I am a carer for a gent whom I have to ring hourly, so if he's using the landline, at my end it just rings as per usual but of course, no one answers, which means I have...

lthlth by On our wavelength
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Land Line

I can not receive phone calls into my land line but i am able to ring out my phone line is pluged into the main socket and not into the router 

Drowzzee by Joining in
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Caller ID not working

Hello, first time posting on this board so I hope someone can help me. Some maintenance work was carried out in the TF2 area of Telford a few weeks ago, and unfortunately since then Caller ID is no longer working on my phone. I understand this can of...

Resolved! Landline not working

My landline has not worked since Friday 23/12/22. I have performed all the recommended tests and still have no dial tone and am unable to make or receive calls. I have contacted the CS number 034544541111 today and on 5 separate occasions have been t...

Gazzacom by Joining in
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Resolved! Panasonic KX-TGC222 Cordless Phone not working with Virgin Hub

Advised to get new phones so Panasonic purchased. Still no joy.  Been told REN number of phones is not enough.  No dialling tone and no calls coming in.   Previous phones allowed calls out.  Trying to get my 87 year old mother back in touch with peop...

CeeBee24 by Joining in
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